Lossless music downloads

Oclassica offers downloads of classical music in lossless and high resolution audio formats. A primary format of our store is FLAC, 16-bit and 24-bit. FLAC files are lossless which means the audio has been compressed without any loss in audio quality. All tracks are available for purchase to customers world wide.

New and noteworthy

Oclassica has been in the market of classical music just long enough to establish a good reputation and become a desired publisher name for young and experienced musicians. Many outstanding artists were first presented to recording market by Oclassica.

Our catalog

Digital compilations

Digital space is not limited to a number of tracks or minutes. What about fifty or more tracks in one album? Digital compilations with thoroughly selected playlists of classical music is a new and a great way to discover classical music.

Our company

Oclassica is a digital-only music label. We license music rights from recording owners, pass it through a marketing process and deliver to a global market as a product customized for a digital space.

About Oclassica